Seattle Garage Door Opener Repair

Broken-springs-keep-your-garage-door-up-seattle-waGarage door openers endure a large amount of damage throughout the years. Usually, openers will last for years of continuous operation. Under overwhelming use, however, they can stop working. The good thing is that you may possibly not need to replace it straight away. One of our expert garage door technicians can perform Seattle garage door opener service in no time.

Garage Door Opener Installation

There are a variety of problems that a garage door opener may have. The pulley mechanism could crash, the remote can stop working, and it could have problems receiving power at times. All of these issues are problems that a skilled specialist can repair at a small cost. Don’t hesitate to give us a call today if your garage door opener is having any problems. Our technicians are equipped to handle any type of garage door repair, not only limited to openers. Ask about our free estimates and lifetime warranties on our repairs.

Types of Automatic Opener

The way a garage door opener functions is called “drive”. There are three prominent drives in the automatic opener market; some are more popular than others in residential applications. Belt-driven garage door openers use a rubber belt to transfer the work of the motor to the door. This is the quietest way to move a garage door, so that explains its popularity with garages that are attached to homes. Chain-driven automatic openers are very loud but affordable. In a detached garage where people are making lots of noise, this type of garage door may be preferred. Similarly, the screw-drive garage door opener is also noisy but very easy to maintain. We install belt drive automatic openers due to their superior application in residential garages.

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