7 Must See Attractions when you move to or visit Seattle WA

Between the two major mountains ranges of Puget Sound you will locate Seattle. Seattle is a place where you will spend time wondering about the sophistication of airplanes and among other wonders of the world. It has a lot of attractions which you will spend your time learning new things. You can choose to ride the Washington state ferry or hire a kayak for you to enjoy the marine life. There are several ships that travel from Puget Sound to lake Washington and Lake Union. Seattle emphasizes on salmon conservation. In case you are looking for a place where you will see salmon, then you should make a point of visiting Seattle. There are many recreational activities in Seattle which may make you want to stay for good, and in that case you can get quotes for moving to Seattle and find moving companies.

1. Pike Place Market

If you have never tested salmon, then the Pike Market is place for you to buy one. At the entrance you will encounter fish mongers who will try their level best to entice you into buying salmon. At the market you will also have e a chance to buy flowers. There are several types of flowers that have been sampled beautifully for you to buy one. Artisans are not left behind; they have a lot of arts that they display for you to buy. At the market you can buy anything that you can think of.

2. Museum of Flight

You will learn the history of the flights up to the late 1930s at the museum. There are some planes that never left the ground in the history of planes; you will find them at the museum. The planes are arranged on the ceilings for you to see. You will spend hours gaping at the ceiling where you will see more than 20 planes hang on the ceiling. The first Boeing to be constructed can be seen in the museum.

3. Mount Rainier National Park

The mountain forms one of the heavily glaciated volcanic mountains in the United States outside Alaska. The mountain is 14,417 feet high. It forms the fifth largest mountain in the United States. In case you will like to train maintain climbing, you will find several mountain climbers at the mountain training. There are hundreds of miles of hiking trains and frothing waterfalls for you to see and enjoy your vacation.

4. Seattle Asian Art Museum

Due to the proximity of Seattle to the Pacific Rim and the Asian population, you will find first class Asian arts at the city. You will find the work of arts from Korea, Japan, and India among other Asian arts. You will find arts of both secular and religious themes. For religious themes you will find arts of Hindu Deities and Buddha. You will also find Asian books and merchandises at the museum for you to buy.

5. Space Needle

The space needle was built for the 1962 world’s fair. The 602 foot needle resembles a huge flying saucer. At 520 foot level you will have a view of areas around Seattle. You will see bays, mountains, lakes and any other point where you will like to see from an aerial view in Seattle. At 500 feet level you will enjoy a sky city restaurant that is revolving. This is a place where you will really enjoy after you land in Seattle.

6. Woodland Park Zoo

In the midst of Seattle you will find 65 acres of wild land. The zoo has more than 1,000 animals that belong to more than 290 species. The zoo attracts more than a million visitors annually. There are many animals for children to learn. In case you are moving to Seattle with children, this is a place where you will take them and they will learn a lot. The zoo offers the animal a natural habitat that resembles the natural forest.

7. Northwest Trek Wildlife Park

The park was founded in late 1970s by Tacoma and his wife. He donated the 715 acres for the park to be developed. The park forms a home for more than 200 species of indigenous animals. You will see snowy owls, bald eagles, river otters, gray wolves, lynxes, cougars, black bears, grizzly bears, bobcats among other animals. The Cheney discovery center provides a center where kids can learn a lot. You can take a 50 minute ride through the park and you will see almost all the animals.

We hope you check out some of these awesome places in our hometown of Seattle Washington, we love it here!

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